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Good news - Our Company Won the Title of Outstanding Water Conservancy Enterprise in 2018

Date of issue:May 30 , 2019

  On May 29, 2019, Zhejiang Water Conservancy Construction Association held the Third Session of the First General Meeting and the Sixth Session of the First Council. During the meeting, the Outstanding Water Conservancy Enterprises, Outstanding Water Conservancy Entrepreneurs in Zhejiang and Outstanding Water Conservancy Constructors in Zhejiang in 2018 were commended.

  The Company was rated as "2018 Outstanding Water Conservancy Enterprise in Zhejiang Province ". Huang Wenjie, Chairman of the Board, was awarded the title of Outstanding Water Conservancy Entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province. In addition, Zheng bin, Zhou Yu, Yu Jianhua and Zhou Zhaojia were awarded the title of Outstanding Water Conservancy Constructor in Zhejiang Province.

  This honor is recognition of the Company's water conservancy engineering construction in 2018. The Company will not forget its original intention, forge ahead and continue to make positive contributions to the development of water conservancy in Zhejiang Province.

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